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It is far from easy to live your daily life with all of its routines. But what if a wild animal crosses your path?

Blessed by the Wild is a real-life account of two city-based psychologists who set off for a hike in the wilds of Canada. By distancing themselves from urban stress and digital addiction their hearts and senses opened up again. Unwittingly, encounters with people, landscapes and animals forced them to consider the most unsettling question of our era: What life is worth living?

In the midst of the wild, they walk the answer. Nature is our teacher if we open up our hearts and minds. The authors use a hybrid, thought-provoking style of writing that is all their own. They show their vulnerability and take the reader along to their interior world. This allows them to express hidden feelings and thoughts most people harbour about their own lives. They hold up a mirror and invite you to jump through it with them, to enter a landscape of new possibilities.

‘Intertwined with a love story, this travelogue is replete with amazing encounters and new perspectives.

Date of publication: October 2015


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